Frequently Asked Questions

Are your chestnuts organic?
We can’t call them that. Getting a farm certified organic is difficult for small farmers.

We can say, however, that we don’t use any chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers that would keep us from getting the chestnuts certified.

How should I store the chestnuts?
Chestnuts will keep for several weeks in the fridge in the bag, best at 34 degree F and high humidity (in crisper draw to preserve their freshness); 37 to 42 degree F will work. If they dry out, soak in water for 1 hour, dry off in towel, then roast.

To freeze, remove fresh nuts from shell (score on one side, then roast or boil a few minutes UNTIL they pop out of shell/pellicle; this heats them up enough to shrink from inside shell and pellicle, but does not cook them).

To dry chestnuts and reconstitute them, like beans: In a single layer, dry in sun (protected from animal predation) or food dehydrator until they shrink from shell and slip out of pellicle (they’ll be super sweet and hard, like dried beans). Remove the nut from the dried shell and further dry. (Drying times vary due to humidity and temperature). Store in air-tight (glass, metal..not plastic) container and soak in water to restore desired consistency, then use as fresh. If making flour, store flour in freezer or fridge. The drier the flour, the longer it will last.

How should I cook the chestnuts?
There are several ways, all of them rather easy. Here’s a wikihow page that shows four different methods. Try Martha Stewart’s youtube.

Can I save money on shipping if I buy 2 bags?
Yes, by ordering the 10 lb (which is 2 x 5 lb bags in one box) instead of ordering two orders of 5 lb each in their own shipping box, you save you $11. If order 3 lb and 5 lb pack (can be mixed sizes, for example 3 lb of Medium and 5 lb of Large), we can ship in one box and we will insert a check for $11 in with your chestnuts for refund of the second shipping charge.

For orders of 20 lbs or more, you get 25% off the chestnut price per pound. For example, 20 lbs of medium chestnuts @ the discounted $4.50/pound (instead of $6.00 per pound) = $90 plus 2-day shipping/handling price of $20 = $110.00. The regular price of large are $7/pound. The discount price for 20 lbs or more of large is $5.25/pound. Shipping and handling will cost $20 for 20 lbs. For more than 20 lbs, please contact us.

Do you have samples? How do we know they are going to taste good and are fresh?
We do not offer samples. We guarantee freshness. If you are dissatisfied, we will refund your order.

I want to make beer out of chestnuts; do you have small size chestnuts for a lower price?
We sell in bulk to local breweries, our small (just under size of a quarter coin) nuts which are as deliciously sweet as the medium; the small chestnuts are good for snacks or to make chestnut beer or chestnut flour. The small sell @ $4/pound for orders of 20 or more lbs. With shipping and handling included, the total cost of 20 lbs is $100.00. Contact us in the message box to request such bulk orders.